Mottola’s “Hitmaker” Misses

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Former Sony Music Entertainment chairman Tommy Mottola released his memoir last week, “Hitmaker: The Man and His Music”, and has been making the media rounds. The once T.D. Valentine turned Tommy Mottola turned Thomas D. Mottola is now back to the good old Tommy. In these interviews, Tommy appears as an older, wiser, mellow, philosophical version of Tony Soprano.

Epic Fail

It looks as though it may be a very long spring for reality TV star and part-time Epic Records Chairman L.A. Reid. News from one of my little birdies ensconced at 550 Madison Ave. says that the numbers for Epic’s fiscal year ending March 31 won’t add up in L.A.’s favor. The label is reportedly on track to lose well north of $35 million. Whew!

What’s That Sound?

Can you hear it? If you listen very closely, you can hear a bloodcurdling scream emanating from Palm Beach, FL. It’s the sound of Bob Krasnow having a massive stroke. He had just read Sony Music’s press release announcing their new venture with Sylvia Rhone and her Vested in Culture (VIC) label.

Could Cohen’s Chute Collapse?

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According to a report in today’s New York Daily News, Lyor Cohen “has been secretly developing a talent management company for the past two years while working at Warner”. The report goes on to say that Cohen “is so private about his new business venture that [an] insider says he only refers to his new company by a ‘nonsensical’ code name in emails and phone calls”.

Blavatnik Fights Back


Just when I was starting to get really, really bored with the record industry, Christmas came early for me. Aside from the UMG/EMI merger, which I’ll address in a later post, our favorite music industry thug has left the building.…