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I, Clive

Another great mogul

In an industry replete with narcissists, megalomaniacs and crybabies, Clive Davis stands head and shoulders above the crowd. In his new autobiography, “The Soundtrack of My Life”, Clive sets new standards for transparent self-aggrandizing, at one point comparing himself to another legendary mogul — Moses.

Whitney to Sony: “I Will Always Owe You”

"I owe you how much?"

There have been numerous media reports since her untimely death that Whitney Houston passed away “dead” broke. In January a Whitney insider told Radar Online “Whitney’s fortune is gone. Music industry heavy hitters are supporting her and her label is fronting her cash against her next album, but no one knows when that will be released. She might be homeless if not for people saving her…She is broke as a joke. She called someone to ask for $100. It is so sad. She should have Mariah Carey money, and she’s flat broke.”