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She’s Baaack!


Reports that ex-UMG/Motown chief Sylvia Rhone will be going to Sony Music in January with a joint venture label, however sources say that’s not quite true. One thing’s for sure though–while she’s at Sony she won’t ride in a Lincoln Town car. Bentley or bust!

Rat Pack Reunites at Sony Music


Who knew that I’d be running Sony Music. I sure didn’t, but evidently septuagenarian CEO Doug Morris is taking me very seriously, especially when I suggested that he revive Portrait Records. Today he actually did, but instead of hiring Tommy…

Grudge Matches & Night Sweats


The wheels started turning at Sony Music yesterday when CEO Rolf What’s-His -Name announced that on April 1 he will become a partner in TeVeo, a Hamburg-based pay platform. In making the announcement, Rolfie said “TeVeo has realized the signs…