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Google Music Losing Users Weekly

Users have voted on Google Music and the results aren't good so far.

According to a highly placed digital music executive, Google Music has actually been losing customers week over week–consistently–since it’s launch last November. “I’ve never seen anything like it”, the source said.”It’s astounding. It’s hard to believe that with an install base of over 200 million Android handsets they’re actually losing customers.”

Free & Legal Road Kill

About a year ago a couple of start-ups announced their intentions to take the US by storm with a completely new take on ad-supported free mp3 downloads. Free All Music of Atlanta, Ga. claimed that they were going to give…

Who’s Afraid of Spotify?

Last week there was a lot of news concerning Spotify resulting from some bogus information that was fed to the industry press. I guess some people in the business don’t want to make things easy for them to launch in the…