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Epic Fail

It looks as though it may be a very long spring for reality TV star and part-time Epic Records Chairman L.A. Reid. News from one of my little birdies ensconced at 550 Madison Ave. says that the numbers for Epic’s fiscal year ending March 31 won’t add up in L.A.’s favor. The label is reportedly on track to lose well north of $35 million. Whew!

What’s That Sound?

Can you hear it? If you listen very closely, you can hear a bloodcurdling scream emanating from Palm Beach, FL. It’s the sound of Bob Krasnow having a massive stroke. He had just read Sony Music’s press release announcing their new venture with Sylvia Rhone and her Vested in Culture (VIC) label.

She’s Baaack!


Reports that ex-UMG/Motown chief Sylvia Rhone will be going to Sony Music in January with a joint venture label, however sources say that’s not quite true. One thing’s for sure though–while she’s at Sony she won’t ride in a Lincoln Town car. Bentley or bust!

Rat Pack Reunites at Sony Music


Who knew that I’d be running Sony Music. I sure didn’t, but evidently septuagenarian CEO Doug Morris is taking me very seriously, especially when I suggested that he revive Portrait Records. Today he actually did, but instead of hiring Tommy…

UMG Reorg Plans Leaked?

New UMG boss Lucian Grainge has reportedly laid out his reconstruction plans for the East Coast label group. According to sources close to the major, Island Def Jam will be split and merged into two other labels. The IDJ R&B…