People Say…

I have known Wayne Rosso for many years, sharing platforms with him at various Music, Telecoms & ISP industries events. He proved to be the most erudite and knowledgeable proponent of digital technology which he generously shared with me.

Tim Clark

Director, ie: music, ltd.

Artist Management

Wayne is an extremely charming and persuasive individual, with fantastic connections in and knowledge of the music business. We spent many enjoyable months working together

Charles Berry

Former Director Telecoms & Media


Wayne has a unique grasp of old and new media business models and has created a compelling vision for Mashboxx which should be an inspiration to others looking at next-generation media plays. Wayne is also a great fun guy to work with.

Simon Orme

Director Content Services

British Telecom

Wayne is one of those rare individuals who has seen start-ups as a founder/CEO, had success in both big companies and independents and retains the passion and energy of someone fresh out of school. His passion for music and technology, combined with his wealth of industry contacts, ensures that whatever activities he is involved with will have an immediate leg up on the competition. And in addition to being smart and experienced, he pleasure to work with and a generally good human being.

Steve Schlenker

Co-Founder and Managing Director

DN Capital


Wayne’s professional value goes far beyond the software affiliation industry, where anyways he stands out as one of its finest and most appreciated players. An entrepreneur himself and a savy business man, Wayne has witnessed as a protagonist the evolution of the digital media of the past 20 years, throughout the multiple areas of music, file-sharing, production, development, broadcasting and all this across the major markets of the world. With such a long-rooted and rich background, Wayne is recognized in the digital industry as one of the most authoritative business person and one of its nicest conversationalists, for his unrivaled sense of humour, his laid-back nonchalance and authentic capability to empathize with clients and partners.I feel lucky my current position gave me the opportunity to come across Wayne and his inspirational living biography.

Camilla Bonanni

                                         Business Development Director

                                         Netbooster-Artefact MENA



Wayne has a great understanding of the music business and digital entertainment in general. His passion and vision make him a great asset to the industry.

Marcel Garaud

Senior Director Business Development





Wayne generated a phenomenal amount of excellent publicity for Mashboxx, a superb bit of creative technology which even now is years ahead of its time. It’s exciting working with him, a great guy to take to pitches.

Charles Leach, CF


Scalable Finance